Quick Answer: How do you delete recently viewed on trello?

How do I delete a Trello activity?

1 answer

  1. Click on the card to open it in view.
  2. find the right-hand side button called “Copy”
  3. a duplicate card will be created with no activity logs.
  4. delete old card with activity logs.

How do I edit an activity in Trello?

Editing & Deleting

Edit or delete comments by clicking the “edit” or “delete” links beneath the comment. You can edit or delete any comment you make on any board. Although it’s not possible to edit comments made by another user, board admins can delete comments made by any non-admins on their boards.

How do I delete a list in Trello?

In the title bar of the list you want to delete, click the ellipsis / … / three dots and select “Move List” Move the list to your newly created “To Delete” board. Go to the “To Delete” board and select “Show Menu” (if it is not already visible on the right side of the Trello window/screen.

How do you make a Trello activity private?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to hide this activity as it is activity on a public board, meaning anyone will be able to see this. In the same way that the activity is visible in the board activity, this is then reflected on your personal profile page.

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How do I hide completed cards in trello?

2 answers. If you swipe left on the checklist name it gives you the option to hide completed items or delete.

Can you hide boards in trello?

You can archive boards with the Close Board option hidden behind Show Menu > More. (You’ll find the Show Menu button below your gravatar at the top right of the page.) An archived board isn’t gone for good. It’s simply hidden and you can retrieve it via the Boards menu.

How do you delete boards on trello?

To delete a board that is still open, first open your board menu and choose ‘More’. Next, choose the option ‘Close board…’ near the bottom of the More menu. Finally, choose the option ‘Permanently delete board‘. The board is permanently deleted after choosing this option!

Does trello have an activity log?

Activity. The activity feed lets you view all of the changes that occur across your entire board. When you click ‘View all activity’ at the bottom of the activity feed, you have the ability to view only comments.

How do you mass delete cards in Trello?

Just authorize your Trello account, you’ll be shown a list of boards, select one, them multi-select the cards you want and select the “Delete” action.

How do I see archived lists in Trello?

You can retrieve a list from the archive from Trello by going to the archived lists in the right-hand panel and select the list you want to retrieve. This will also retrieve (or create) the list in Placker.

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