Quick Answer: How do I minimize Microsoft Project?

How do I make MS Project smaller?

In the ‘More Tables’ dialog box by highlighting ‘Entry’ and clicking ‘Edit’. We can toggle to increase the ‘Row height’ and once you’ve arrived at the appropriate row height number, you can then click OK. And voilà, you’ve now successfully adjusted the height of the rows in Microsoft Project.

How do I zoom out on MS Project?

Step by step on how to Zoom In/Out inside Project Plan 365 app:

  1. Go to menu Project – Zoom.
  2. Click on the arrow and select Zoom In, Zoom Out or Zoom if you want to zoom on a specific level.
  3. Select the desired level and click OK. Related.

Can you open Microsoft Project in 2 windows?

Well you can’t do two side by side but you can view one project in the upper pane and the other in the lower pane by opening both projects and then selecting View/Window group/Arrange All.

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How do you collapse all rows in MS Project?

Click the triangle symbol to hide all subtasks. Click the View tab on the Ribbon, click the Show Outline button in the Data group, and then click Hide Subtasks. Click the View tab on the Ribbon, click the Outline button in the Data group, and then click the level of detail you want to leave open in the entire outline.

How do I shrink a Gantt chart in MS project?

Click the View tab. Back in the Project plan click View. On the Timescale drop-down list, click Timescale. In the Size box, reduce the percentage to reduce the width of the timescale, Increase the percentage to increase the width of the timescale.

How do I view an entire project in MS Project?

Click the View tab. In the Task Views group or Resource Views group, click the view that you want to use. If you do not see the view that you want, on the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart, and then click More Views.

How do you zoom in on Microsoft Project timeline?

If you select the option “Pan and Zoom” on the Timeline Tools Format ribbon, make sure the timeline view is active, you can then use the zoom magnification in the lower right portion of the Project window to zoom the timeline in and out.

How do you zoom in on a Gantt chart?

Zoom in or out on the Gantt chart

Click the + button in the upper right-hand corner to zoom in and see a smaller date range. Click the – button in the upper right-hand corner to zoom out and see a wider date range. Click the button next to the – button to select the zoom level: years, quarters, months, weeks, or days.

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How do I open a new project in Microsoft Windows?

To display two separate projects at once when you have two monitors perform the following steps:

  1. Open both projects.
  2. Go to Window and select “Arrange all”.
  3. Both projects will now show up in the window stacked vertically.
  4. Grab the right hand side of the window and expand it onto the right hand monitor.

How do I merge two MPP files?

Linking Project files

  1. Create separate Project files for each subproject, then open or create the project that you want to be the master project.
  2. In the master project, click View > Gantt Chart.
  3. In the Task Name field, click the row below which you want to insert the subproject. …
  4. Click Project > Subproject.

How do I create a drop down list in MS Project?

Project – Creating a Custom Field as a Drop-Down List. Click the Format tab on the ribbon, and then click Custom Fields (in the Columns group). This will open the Custom Field Dialog box, which is shown below. In the Field section, make sure Task is selected on the left hand side, and Text is selected on the right.

Can you hide tasks in MS Project?

In order to hide the completed tasks, you can apply an Autofilter. In order to do that, go to the Project menu and click on “Autofilter” option. … All the completed tasks will be hidden and only the tasks that are in progress will be displayed.

How do I see only summary tasks in MS Project?

Show the project summary task in Project desktop

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the View tab.
  2. Under Outline options, select or clear the Show summary tasks check box to show or hide the project summary task.
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