Question: What is P1 in Jira?

What is P0 P1 and P2?

Priority. P0 – essential product feature. P1 – important, but the product can work without these. P2 – nice to have.

What is a P1 bug?

P1 bug is a critical bug which needs an immediate fix without which the application can’t continue functioning. P1 bug needs an immediate attention and needs to be fixed within 4 hours from the time it’s been reported.

What is a P1 project?

A part of Scale Agile, P1 planning is done on the product-level before every release to bring teams together for discussions on the features. During this stage, all the team members scheduled to work together on the product devote initial two-three days in planning without getting involved in any sprint work.

What is P1 P2 and P3 defects?

P1 – High – a defect must be primarily fixed; P2 (Medium) – it can be fixed later when a bug report contains no bugs with a high level of priority; P3 – Low – it’s fixed last when all the bugs with a higher level of priority have been fixed.

What are P5 bugs?

P5 – Informational: Non-exploitable vulnerabilities in functionality. Vulnerabilities that are by design or are deemed acceptable business risk to the customer.

What is P4 bug?

Excessively Privileged User / DBA. P4.

What is blocker priority in Jira?

For example, if the priority of an issue is “Blocker” then that is considered as a high priority issue and should be attended to immediately. An issue can be prioritized as Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor, or Trivial. a) Blocker – Blocker type issues are the most critical issues.

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