Question: What is outline in MS Project?

What is outline code in MS Project?

Outline codes are custom tags for tasks or resources that share traits; you can use them to group tasks or resources in ways you need. … You can then use one of the Outline Code fields to assign the appropriate outline codes to applicable tasks or resources.

How do you show outline numbers in MS Project?

To enable Project to assign outline numbers, follow these steps:

  1. In Microsoft Project, choose Tools –> Options to display the Options dialog box.
  2. Click the View tab.
  3. Select the Show Outline Number check box in the Outline Options section.
  4. Click OK. About the Book Author.

What is baseline in MS Project?

Baselines. A baseline is a group of nearly 20 primary reference points (in five categories: start dates, finish dates, durations, work, and cost estimates) that you can set to record the original project plan when that plan is completed and refined.

How do I change the outline number in MS Project?

To change the outline number for a task, you must move the task up or down in the task list or change its place in the project’s outline structure by using the outlining buttons. Further instructions can be found in the Creating and removing subtasks and summary tasks topic.

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What is WBS code in MS Project?

Create custom WBS codes

  1. Click View, and then pick a sheet view, such as the Task Sheet or Resource Sheet.
  2. Click Project. In the Properties group, click WBS and then click Define Code.
  3. You can create a project-specific code in the Project Code Prefix box. You can use numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols.

What are task types in MS Project?

The three task types used in Project are fixed units, fixed work, and fixed duration.

How do I create a work breakdown structure in MS Project?

Create a work breakdown structure

  1. Go to Project Service > Projects.
  2. Click the project you want to work on.
  3. In the bar across the top of the screen, select the down arrow next to the project name, and then click Work breakdown structure.
  4. To add a task, click Add Task.

How do I create a WBS diagram in MS Project?

Open your plan in MS Project. Click the View tab, and select a Filter to display the Tasks you want to see in WBS Schedule Pro. Click the Go to WBS, Network or Gantt Chart buttons from within MS Project to create a chart in WBS Schedule Pro of the current set of tasks.

What is finish variance in MS Project?

The Finish Variance field contains the amount of time that represents the difference between the baseline finish date of a task or assignment and its current finish date. … If the Finish Variance is zero, the task is scheduled to finish exactly when planned.

What is the difference between project schedule and schedule baseline?

The fundamental difference between the schedule baseline and the project schedule is that the schedule baseline is a component of the project management plan whereas the project schedule is a project document. Once approved, the schedule baseline can only be modified with an approved change request.

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What is the difference between primary and project baselines?

A baseline is a copy, or snapshot, of project data at a given time. … One of these baselines is designated as the Project Baseline. The other is designated as the Primary Baseline. If no baseline has been created for a project, the current project data is also used as the baseline data.