Question: What is configuration management tool which tool would you prefer for configuration of systems and why?

What is configuration management tool in Devops?

What is Configuration Management? Configuration management occurs when a configuration platform is used to automate, monitor, design and manage otherwise manual configuration processes. System-wide changes take place across servers and networks, storage, applications, and other managed systems.

Which tools is used to control the configuration of computer?

Some configuration management tools

Tool Language FLOSS version
CFEngine C CFEngine Community
Puppet Ruby Open Source Puppet
Chef Ruby Chef
Ansible Python Ansible

What are two advantages of using configuration management tools?

Some of the key benefits of Configuration Management include:

  • Increased efficiency with a defined configuration process that provides control and improves visibility with tracking.
  • Cost reduction by having detailed knowledge of all the elements of the configuration which allows for unnecessary duplication to be avoided.

What is configuration management Ansible?

Ansible is a configuration management platform that automates storage, servers, and networking. When you use Ansible to configure these components, difficult manual tasks become repeatable and less vulnerable to error.

What is the collection of tools that help configure and manage the computer resource?

Computer Management is a collection of Windows administrative tools that you can use to manage a local or remote computer. The tools are organized into a single console, which makes it easy to view administrative properties and to gain access to the tools that are necessary to perform your computer-management tasks.

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Is Ansible configuration tool or orchestrator?

Ansible is an open source IT Configuration Management, Deployment & Orchestration tool. It aims to provide large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation challenges. This tool is very simple to use yet powerful enough to automate complex multi-tier IT application environments.

Is Jenkins a configuration management tools?

Configuration management requires that you automate application build, package, and deployment. There are many tools used to accomplish these tasks, but Jenkins is one of the most popular open source frameworks employed by teams today.

What is configuration management in software engineering?

Software configuration management is the process of identifying and defining the software configuration items in a system, controlling the release and change of these items throughout the system lifecycle, recording and reporting the status of configuration items and change requests, and verifying the completeness and …

Is GitHub a configuration management tool?

GitHub is well suited for groups of developers working on a single code base. GitHub is also well suited for configuration management if used in conjunction with Ansible or Puppet. By checking in changes to configuration management code like YAML you are able to quickly review and audit changes.