Question: Does Trello have tags?

How do I tag in trello?

You can mention people in comments by using “@” followed by the user’s username or by clicking the @ icon below the comment input field then selecting the members you would like to mention. The mentioned user(s) will get a notification about the comment.

How do I show text labels in trello?

Click the settings icon. Click edit labels. Then toggle the button on for “Show Label Names on Card Front”

How do I get more labels in trello?

You can add new labels from the side menu, or from inside any card. You can also select a card without opening it, and hit “L” (for label). Trello will then show a pop up with the label dialog.

Does Trello have a calendar view?

Calendar View offers a powerful visual way for Premium and Enterprise Workspaces to track and manage their Cards, as well as their Due Dates and Start Dates. Calendar View gives you the perspective to organize and prioritize what needs to be done in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

How do I label multiple cards in Trello?

No, it is not possible to select multiple cards and apply a label to them; you have to add the labels individually. Using the 1 – 6 keyboard shortcuts can make this easier, because you can add the label without having to open the card or the labels menu.

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