Question: Does Asana have a macbook app?

Does Asana have an app for Mac?

The desktop application is available on both Mac and Windows (not supported on Linux.) It can be downloaded here. All actions and features which are available in the browser version of Asana are also available on desktop.

How do I get Asana on my Mac?

Turn Asana into a native Mac app with Fluid

  1. Download a 512×512 pixel or larger Asana (or generic productivity) . png like this one: Download.
  2. Right-click the . …
  3. Right-click the Asana app and select “Get Info.” Click the icon so there’s a blue highlight, and press “CMD + V” to paste.

Does Asana have a desktop?

Asana is available on the web, as a desktop app for macOS and Windows, and as an Android app and iOS app. … See Asana’s full list of supported apps and integrations.

Is there an Asana extension for Safari?

Asana works with the latest versions of: Chrome. Safari for Mac. Firefox.

How do I make Asana a desktop app?

Navigate to using the Microsoft Edge browser.

  1. Click on the ellipsis “more” button in the top right corner of the browser and select “Apps > Install”
  2. Name the app “Asana.”
  3. A shortcut for the app will be created on your desktop and Start menu.
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Can I use Asana offline?

Accessing Asana offline. You can use Asana for Android offline to check your notifications, comment on tasks and conversations, change due dates or assignees, and complete tasks on the go.

Is Asana a free app?

The free version of Asana is available for teams of up to 15 people. Asana Premium costs $10.99 per user per month when billed annually and $13.49 per user per month when billed monthly. The price of Asana Business is $24.99 per user per month when billed annually and $30.49 when billed monthly.

What is Asana app?

Asana is a software-as-a-service designed to improve team collaboration and work management. It helps teams manage projects and tasks in one tool. … In January 2015, Asana released its native Android app. Later that year, the company added team conversations.

Is Asana a web app?

Asana was designed to make collaboration among team members a more fluid process. Because Asana is free to groups smaller than 15 members and offers both a web app and mobile application version, Asana is becoming one of the most popular ways to collaborate among groups.

Is there a jira desktop app?

Desktop Power for Jira

Jira Client is a desktop application for day-to-day work with Jira issues. It helps you quickly navigate and drill down into issues, schedule tasks and triage problems with drag-and-drop, accurately track time, work when you are offline.

What is the best way to use asana?

The 22 most important asana tips :

  1. Assign a task to several projects. …
  2. Define the due date and the responsible person for each task. …
  3. Use color codes. …
  4. Use project templates for recurring processes. …
  5. Use the Chrome extensions for Asana. …
  6. Convert emails directly to tasks in Asana. …
  7. Visualize your schedule. …
  8. Use customized fields.
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