Question: Can you rename a Jira project?

How do I change the name of a project in Jira ticket?

To edit a project’s details: Open the project you want to change. From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > Details. Edit the relevant details and select Save details.

As a project admin, you can edit your project’s:

  1. Name.
  2. URL.
  3. Avatar.
  4. Description.
  5. Project lead.
  6. Default assignee.

Can you change Jira project key?

Only jira admin can change the project key. The issue will always belong to the project. There is no change on the issue. But you will need to update your agile board filter.

How do I edit a project in Jira?

To move an issue:

  1. View the issue that you wish to move.
  2. Select More > Move.
  3. The first page of the Move Issue wizard is displayed. Complete the steps required.
  4. The confirmation page will display with all of your changes. …
  5. Your issue will be moved to the target project and displayed on screen.

How do I change the project type in Jira?

Can you change a project type?

  1. Go to your project’s settings.
  2. Select Details.
  3. In the Project type field, select the type of project you want to change to.
  4. Select Save details.
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What happens when you change the Jira project key?

If you change the key of a Jira project, you will need to fix the project entity links, as described in Creating links between projects.

How do I change the owner of a project in Jira?

If so, do the following:

  1. open the project.
  2. click on “Settings”:
  3. then “Details” (if it is not open already):
  4. There you find the field “Project lead”, which you can set to a new user.

How do I change the name of a site in Jira?

Still need help?

  1. Go to > General Configuration.
  2. Choose Edit at the top of the Site Configuration section.
  3. Enter a new title for your site then choose Save.

What can be referred as an issue in JIRA?

In JIRA, an issue can be anything like a Software bug, project task, A help-desk ticket or a leave request form.

Can you hide a project in JIRA?

There is no way to hide the old projects from a JIRA administrator in the project list for them to administer the project. If you create a permission scheme where NO ONE has even browse permission, including administrators, they will be hidden unless a JIRA administrator goes into the menu to manage projects.