Is Trello actually free?

Is trello free enough?

Trello Pricing

There’s even a free plan for basic use. … The free plan is great for personal use and small side projects. It comes with unlimited cards, unlimited lists, and 10 MB per file attachment. This package only supports up to ten boards per team, but that’s usually more than enough for personal use.

Is trello free private?

Public Data vs Private Data in Trello

You have full control over the visibility of your data, and all defaults favor privacy. You have the ability to make boards and Workspaces private, in which case only added members will be able to view the board or Workspace.

How much is trello for personal use?

Trello has a great Free plan which will appeal to most individual users or even very small small teams. But, larger teams and businesses will need to consider Trello Standard ($5 per user per month) or Trello Premium ($9.99 per user per month).

Is Trello free for students?

Trello is a great student tool, and I suggest you go check it out. It has tons of uses, from homework managing to revising with flashcards. Trello has advanced integrations which allow you to plug it into and work with other apps, and it’s very flexible – and it’s free!

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Is Trello free with Jira?

Both Jira and Trello have great free plans, but Trello’s paid plan just doesn’t offer anywhere near the same value as Jira’s. If you like both and aren’t sure which to decide on, look into integrating them: as they are both Atlassian software, they are extremely easy to integrate with each other.

Can I trust Trello?

Trello, Inc. … Trello is ISO/IEC 27001 certified which validates our information security management system (ISMS) and the implementation of our security controls. More information is available on the Atlassian Trust Management System. Trello is also FedRAMP and PCI-DSS certified.

Does Trello steal data?

“It was designed for team collaboration and the public-facing side of it wasn’t supposed to hold super sensitive data, but people started putting sensitive data in things that are publicly available.” Trello confirmed it doesn’t monitor user-generated content on its boards, and said that making private boards that …

Is Trello safe for kids?

Trello is safe for kids.

There are no open groups where kids might meet strangers or encounter mature content they were not expecting. The app could have a benefit for families, as well, as parents could use it to plan and assign household chores and keep track of what needs to be done around the house and for school.

How does Trello make money?

Trello earns money by charging a monthly membership fee to private or business customers. Trello is a freemium product at its heart, and as such, the majority of the program is free to use. The free version of Trello is feature-rich to get users acquainted with the application and eventually outgrow it.

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Is Trello free for nonprofits?

Trello is a great way for your nonprofit to organize projects while accommodating team members with different schedules and locations. … With Trello, information won’t get lost, you can store all files relevant to your project, and you can communicate effectively with your team. And, it’s free!