How much do facilitators get paid in South Africa?

How much are facilitators paid in South Africa?

Facilitator Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Learning and Development Specialist Range:R191k – R641k Average:R341,863
Learning Facilitator Range:R47k – R460k Average:R250,042
Training Officer Range:R95k – R435k Average:R273,709
Education Facilitator Range:R35k – R371k Average:R116,319

How much do facilitators charge?

A more experienced North American facilitator typically charges $150-$350 per hour. Their daily rate might be closer to $3000-$5000 per day.

How much do South African moderators earn?

The average pay for a Moderator is ZAR 884,825 a year and ZAR 425 an hour in Johannesburg, South Africa. The average salary range for a Moderator is between ZAR 625,542 and ZAR 1,107,637. On average, a Master’s Degree is the highest level of education for a Moderator.

How much do Moderators get paid?

The average salary for a moderator is $16.06 per hour in the United States.

What does a facilitator do?

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process.” What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

What is a facilitator job description?

A training facilitator is responsible for providing support in the process of developing and maintaining training programs. His/her job description entails overseeing training processes by monitoring training methods and giving feedback on training areas that need to be improved.

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What is a facilitator in a real estate transaction?

Facilitators, a new breed of intermediary, bring buyers and sellers together in a property transaction, just as brokers always have. … Facilitators, like brokers, would be contacted by buyer or seller. And they would serve most of the functions buyers and sellers have come to expect from brokers.

How much does a financial workshop cost?

One way to calculate your time and workshop cost is by dividing your hourly rate by how many people you want in your workshop. If you want 10 people for a one hour workshop and you charge $250/hour, then you can charge $25/person + travel expenses and materials (this will make the price jump up to $30-$40/person).

How much should I charge per hour?

Calculate Your Hourly Rate

Business schools teach a standard formula for determining an hourly rate: Add up your labor and overhead costs, add the profit you want to earn, then divide the total by your hours worked. This is the minimum you must charge to pay your expenses, pay yourself a salary, and earn a profit.

What is a certified facilitator?

The title Certified Master Facilitator® is a mark of excellence in facilitation. It distinguishes you as having achieved the highest certification available in the industry. The certification process assesses you against a rigorous set of competencies.