How much data from RAM is loaded into RAM slack on a disk drive?

How many sectors are typically in a cluster on a disk drive?

Normal disk drives such as double-sided floppy disks have one sector included in a cluster.

What is the space on a drive called when a file is deleted?

The file which is deleted remains in the drive. The areas of the disk where the deleted files reside are called unallocated disk space.

What happens when you copy an encrypted file from an EFS enabled NTFS disk to a non EFS disk or folder?

What happens when you copy an encrypted file from an EFS-enabled NTFS disk to a non-EFS disk or folder? … The file is unencrypted automatically. Only the owner of the file can continue to access it.

What does CHS stand for forensics?

Correctional Health Services (CHS) Forensic Services administers and manages contracted Mental Health Experts who provide forensic psychological services for the Court.

What type of data can be found within RAM slack?

RAM Slack is data between the end of a logical file and the a sector. (NOT the cluster). A sector, on a standard hard drive takes up 512 bytes, if the last logical sector in the file takes up 400 bytes, the 112 bytes remaining will be RAM slack.

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What is RAM slack?

The ram slack is the data required to fill in the space from the end of the file to the end of the sector. As previously discussed, a sector is 512 bytes. The first 5 bytes of the file are used by the text of the file. The next 507 bytes are filled with “ram slack”.

Is anything ever really deleted from your computer?

When you delete a file on your computer, it disappears, but have you ever wondered if it’s really gone? The short answer, yes. The long answer, no. Instead of being scrubbed from your hard drive, it’s moved to your computer’s Recycle Bin, and there it sits until you delete it from there as well.

Is slack space unallocated?

Unallocated space is free space on a hard drive that can be used to store data. It is a discrete number of clusters. Slack space is the unused space between the end of the actual file and the end of the cluster.

Can a live acquisition be replicated?

A live acquisition can be replicated. Data can’t be written to disk with a command-line tool. In testing tools, the term “reproducible results” means that if you work in the same lab on the same machine, you generate the same results.

Do you want copy folder without encryption?

Copying and moving encrypted folders or files to unencrypted folders (NTFS volumes). The copies are encrypted regardless of the encryption attribute of the destination folder. If you are copying to another computer, the objects are encrypted only when the destination computer permits encryption.

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What happens when you move an EFS encrypted file to a FAT32 volume?

Encrypted files/folders can be moved and copied, but you should keep the following in mind: Moving an encrypted file from an NTFS volume to a FAT/FAT32 volume will decrypt it. FAT/FAT32 does not support encryption. It will also remove any NTFS permissions configured on the file.