How many buckets can I have in MS Planner?

Is there a limit to number of tasks in Planner?

250 assigned tasks per user irrespective of plans. 1500 tasks can be created by an user irrespective of plans.

How many labels can you have in Planner?

Up to 6 labels can be assigned to every task, and the labels can be different for each Dashboard.

How many tasks can you create in Planner?

Currently, there is a 250 task limit per person per plan.

Can you have more than one Planner per team?

It’s also possible to create several plans that share the same Group from within Microsoft Teams. Just create a new Planner tab within the same Team and choose to create a new plan. In this scenario, you can have different Planner plans for every channel, but they all share the same Office 365 Group.

Can you have recurring tasks in Planner?

Microsoft Planner is a cloud application (working across desktop and mobile devices) that allows your team to create tasks, assign a due date to those tasks, and assign those tasks to themselves or other team members. … As of today (7/30/2018), Planner does not have the ability to set up recurring tasks.

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How do you move buckets in Planner?

Move a task

  1. In Planner, select the task that you want to move.
  2. Open the task’s More menu by selecting the 3 dots (. . .) in the task’s upper-right corner, and then select Move task. …
  3. Choose the plan and bucket where you want to put the task. …
  4. Select Move.
  5. You’ll get a notification that the task was moved.

Can you have more than 6 labels in Planner?

More changes are coming to Planner. According to the Get more done with Microsoft Planner session in the Microsoft Technical Community video hub, Effective February 24, Planner supports up to 25 labels instead of the previous six.

Can you add more than 6 labels in Planner?

You cannot add more labels than Microsoft Planner provides and you cannot change the colors, so if you and your teams become heavy Planner users, you should consider setting some standards for each label.