How hard is PMI Agile Certified Practitioner?

Is PMI agile Certified Practitioner worth it?

The salary of a certified PMI-ACP is about 28% higher than that a non-certified professional. PMI-ACPs are highly valued in the industry, which is why they receive such a higher pay. There is no doubt that becoming certified as a PMI-ACP certainly pays off.

How hard is agile PMP exam?

If you are already being agile, it’s a fairly simple exam to pass as it does not challenge you with advanced scenarios for any specific agile framework or methodology although you will want to be comfortable with basic Scrum concepts and (to a lesser degree) XP, Lean & Kanban.

Is agile certification difficult?

So, how hard is the exam? Well, again with the agile principles, its better to explain that in relative terms to the difficulty of other exams. From most difficult to easiest: Microsoft Azure Exams (Most Difficult)

How long does it take to study for PMI ACP?

As a project manager, you must be aware of the importance of scheduling a plan and time management. To prepare for the PMI-ACP exam, the first and foremost task is to prepare a good routine study plan that makes sure other important daily chores are fulfilled too. Good PMI-ACP preparation needs 100-150 hours.

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Is PMI ACP hard?

How Hard is the PMI-ACP Exam? The PMI-ACP exam is not as difficult as the PMP exam, however, it does require a broad range of knowledge, a familiarity with the topics, and an ability to answer questions quickly.

How difficult is Scrum Master certification?

Getting the CSM ScrumMaster exam will not be that difficult, but it will require the due preparation. You need to be well aware of the scrum roles and rules and also of the agile processes. … The required marks for passing this exam are 37 questions out of 50, which is considered an easy target to reach.


While the PMP® certification and the PMI-ACP® certification are both earned after passing an exam, the primary difference between the two is the methods on which they focus. … In contrast, the PMI-ACP exam is entirely focused Agile practices.

Which is better PMI-ACP or PMP?

While both qualifications are related to project management, PMP® certification leans more towards traditional project management methods, while an ACP® certification has a larger focus on agile methods.

Are agile certifications worth it?

SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework® and is an agile project management methodology that helps guide organizations in scaling and lean agile practices. Like any agile qualification, as SAFe certification is worth it if you plan to move into a SAFe environment.

Which is best agile certification?

Top Agile certifications

  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
  • APMG International Agile Project Management (AgilePM)
  • Scrum Alliance Certified Product Owner (CPO)
  • Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)
  • org Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
  • SAFe Scaled Agilist (SA)
  • DAC Certified Disciplined Agilist (CDA)
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How long does agile practitioner take?

Please ensure you allow time to complete this in full prior to your attendance , it is expected that it will take approximately eight to ten hours to complete.