How do you set filters on Todoist?

How do you add filters in Todoist?

Todoist filters also let you combine searches to create multiple task lists at once. To combine 2 or more searches into one filter, separate each with a comma: “,”. For example, p1 & overdue , p4 & today will show two task lists, one for the query p1 & overdue and another for p4 & today.

How do you use filters and labels in Todoist?

You can quickly view all tasks with the same label by going to your label list and clicking on the task label you want to view. You can also create more powerful saved searches using Todoist Filters. Just go to the “Filters” tab, add a new filter, and type in the query you want.

How do I see tasks in Todoist?

In your Activity log you’ll be able to view your completed tasks (including recurring tasks) from all projects. Click your avatar in the top-right corner of Todoist and select Activity log. While viewing the Activity log, click on All actions. Next, select Completed tasks.

How do labels work in Todoist?

On any platform – web, desktop, or mobile – simply type @ into the task field directly followed by the label name. You’ll have the option to choose from a list of existing labels, or add a new one. The smart Quick Add will automatically recognize and add the label when you save the task.

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How many labels can you have in Todoist?

Todoist’s limits for tasks, projects, files and more

Number of Free Business
Labels per task 500 500
Reminders per user n/a 700
Comments Unlimited Unlimited
Comments per task Unlimited Unlimited