How do you manage tech debt in Agile?

How do you manage debt?

How to Manage Debt of Any Size

  1. Know How Much You Owe.
  2. Pay Your Bills on Time Each Month.
  3. Create a Monthly Bill Payment Calendar.
  4. Make at Least the Minimum Payment.
  5. Decide Which Debts to Pay Off First.
  6. Pay Off Collections and Charge-Offs.
  7. Build an Emergency Fund to Fall Back On.
  8. Recognize the Signs That You Need Help.

How do you explain technical debt?

When it comes to software development, technical debt is the idea that certain necessary work gets delayed during the development of a software project in order to hit a deliverable or deadline. Technical debt is the coding you must do tomorrow because you took a shortcut in order to deliver the software today.

How do you Prioritise tech debt?

Your tech debt strategy should be an 80/20 approach for improving development on the most frequently modified code paths. The goal isn’t to eliminate technical debt but to keep it easily manageable and incorporate it into your agile delivery. Also, if it’s not inhibiting common development activities, then let it be.

What is Agile debt?

In either case, technical debt is like regular debt in that it has to be paid off, hopefully sooner than later, by refactoring the code, rectifying the design/architecture or fixing those known bugs. …

How do you balance feature development and technical debt?

5 Tips to Balance Tech Debt vs Feature work

  1. Make the outcome clear and obvious. …
  2. Fix small items on the go. …
  3. Allow dedicated time for bigger items. …
  4. Document what’s fixed & list what needs fixing. …
  5. It’s an ongoing process.
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