How do you embed a loom into Confluence?

Can I embed a loom video?

Here’s how to embed your Loom recording into a webpage:

From your video’s share page, click Share above the video and click Embed. Choose between Responsive or Fixed Size HTML code. Click Copy Code then paste the code into your website text editor.

How do I embed in Confluence?

In the Confluence editor, select > View more. Find the item to be inserted and select it. Select Insert.

To add the iFrame macro:

  1. Select the macro placeholder. The floating toolbar appears.
  2. Select Edit. …
  3. Modify the parameters. …
  4. Resume editing the page, and the panel closes.

Can you embed a video in a Confluence page?

To embed media when creating (or editing) a Confluence page, follow the directions to copy the embed code on the Share Your Media page. … Add the {html} macro to the code for your page where you want the media to appear, as shown here.

How do you get the embed code on a loom?

Get the loom video embed code

  1. Login to your loom account and go to the video you wanted to embed.
  2. Click on the Share icon and select > Embed.
  3. Select “Responsive” and click Copy Code.

Can you embed Airtable in Confluence?

This app allows users to seamlessly embed Airtable apps, spreadsheets and other content directly into your Confluence instance. Airtable forms are completely functional when embedded in Confluence.

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How do I upload a large video to Confluence?

You can limit the size of files that can be uploaded and attached in Confluence.

To configure the maximum file size that can be uploaded:

  1. Go to > General Configuration.
  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Enter the maximum size next to Attachment Maximum Size. …
  4. Choose Save.

Does Confluence support video?

The multimedia macro is used to embed attached video, animation and other multimedia files on a Confluence page. Confluence supports the following multimedia formats: Adobe Flash (. swf)