How do you convert a Gantt chart to PERT?

Is PERT evolved from Gantt chart?

Essentially, a Gantt chart is a bar chart that lays out project tasks and timelines linearly. … A PERT chart, on the other hand, is structured as a flow chart or network diagram that displays all the project tasks in separate boxes and connects them with arrows to clearly show task dependencies.

How do you make a PERT chart?

How to make a PERT chart

  1. Identify activities and milestones or your project. …
  2. Draw out the sequence of the activities based on your milestones. …
  3. Estimate the time required for each activity. …
  4. Interpret timelines and determine the critical path. …
  5. Make any updates and share with stakeholders.

Can Microsoft Project do PERT charts?

Microsoft Project also has a tool that allows users to display the project as a Network Diagram view, a project perspective that closely resembles the flow-chart view of a PERT Analysis chart.

How do I create a PERT chart in MS project?

Create a hierarchical summary of a project

  1. On the File menu, point to New, point to Schedule, and then click PERT Chart.
  2. Drag a Summarization structure shape from the PERT Chart Shapes stencil onto the drawing page.
  3. Drag a second Summarization structure shape onto the drawing page and place it beneath the first shape.

How do I view a PERT chart in MS project?

Click the View tab to display the View ribbon. In the Task Views section of the View ribbon, click the Network Diagram button. The Network Diagram view is a PERT Chart view.

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