How do you add work resources in MS Project?

How do I show resources in MS Project?

From the Project Online Project Center, click Resources in the left side menu. Select the resource or resources whose availability information you want to view by selecting the check box next to their name and then in the Resources tab, click Capacity Planning in the Navigate section.

What are resources in MS project?

In Microsoft Project resources can be anything required to perform tasks – people, equipment, facilities, materials, and even costs. These are categorised into three main resource types: work, materials and costs.

How do you add resources to a project online?

To add a resource to the resource pool in Project Web App:

  1. Click Resources on the Quick Launch.
  2. Click Resources > New.
  3. Choose a Type for the new resource: …
  4. Select the Budget check box if you are adding a resource that will help you track your project budget.

How do you work out a Resource plan?

7 Steps to Create & Present a Resource Management Plan

  1. Determine the Resources Needed for the Project. …
  2. Match the Right Resources to the Right Tasks. …
  3. Budget the Right Amount of Time for Each Resource. …
  4. Schedule Resources Based on Projected Availability. …
  5. Keep a Pulse on Project Progress. …
  6. Expect to Make Adjustments.

How do you schedule a Resource load?

How to calculate resource loading

  1. estimate all the work needed (each day) and divide by the resource’s full capacity (8 hrs per day).
  2. Alternatively, estimate the work needed on the project tasks and divide by the resource’s availability to do those project tasks (usually much less than 8 hrs per day).
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How do you do resource leveling in MS project?

Choose Resource > Leveling Options, and then enter a From and To date. Usually, all task types are leveled. To change this, choose Resource > Leveling Options. Choose Resource > Leveling Options, and then select the Level only within available slack box.