How do I use document code in Confluence?

How do you enter codes in Confluence?

To add the Code Block macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose Code Block from the Formatting category.
  3. Choose a language for syntax highlighting.
  4. Use the parameters below to customise how the code block should appear on your page.
  5. Choose Insert.

How do I use Confluence for documentation?

On this page

  1. Create your Documentation Space.
  2. Save time by re-using content.
  3. Create an inclusions library (optional)
  4. Use page templates.
  5. Draft your work.
  6. Use links and anchors.
  7. Useful macros.
  8. Keep track of page updates.

Can you use HTML in Confluence?

To enable the HTML Include macro: Go to > Manage apps. Select System from the drop down and search for the Confluence HTML Macros system app. Expand the listing and enable the html-include (html-include-xhtml) module.

How do I write HTML code in Confluence?

To add the HTML macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose HTML from the Development category.
  3. Choose Insert.
  4. Paste the HTML embed code from the website you want to display into the body of the macro.

How do I highlight codes in Confluence?

When you view a page, you should be able to highlight a piece of text and a popup will show, that will allow you to start an annotation. Click the chat icon and that will highlight the code, and you can start talking about it.

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How do I create a documentation page?

Best Practices for Documenting Your Project

  1. Include A README file that contains. …
  2. Allow issue tracker for others.
  3. Write an API documentation. …
  4. Document your code.
  5. Apply coding conventions, such as file organization, comments, naming conventions, programming practices, etc.
  6. Include information for contributors.

How do I view the HTML page in Confluence?

For the majority of web pages (including Atlassian Community pages), you can right-click in a browser and select View Page Source (or equivalent) to view the underlying HTML of the page.

How do I add a CSS code in Confluence?

Getting Started

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Look and Feel from the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Choose Stylesheet then Edit.
  3. Paste your custom CSS into the text field.
  4. Save your changes. The new CSS will be visible on all content pages in the space.

How do I embed a PDF in Confluence?

To add the PDF macro to a page:

  1. Upload the PDF file to your page, then publish the page. See Upload Files to learn how to do this.
  2. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  3. Choose PDF from the Confluence content category.
  4. Select the attached file you want to display.
  5. Choose Insert.