How do I use Asana forms?

How do I access Asana templates?

How to use Asana templates

  1. Click on the orange + button in the top left screen of your Asana app.
  2. Select the “Templates” tab.
  3. Preview the templates to see what they look like and how they can work for your team.
  4. Click “Use template” to create a new project from the template.

Can you embed Asana forms?

Embedded Asana forms – Populate a pre-filled field with the URL of the page the form is embedded in.

How do I embed in asana?

If there’s already a Project Brief, click anywhere on the title. When the Brief opens, click Edit on the top right. Click the place in the Brief you’d like to embed. Paste in the URL and a preview of the board will expand below it.

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