How do I upload an Excel spreadsheet to Jira?

How do I bulk import in Jira?

Create a CSV file with multiple lines using the same Issue Key, same Issue Summary and different Component Names on different lines. Use the JIRA Administration > System > (left-side menu) Import & Export > External System Import to import the CSV. Map the fields as required and complete the import.

How do I import an attachment into Jira?


  1. Copy the attachment directory from source Jira: $JIRA_HOME/data/attachments/ABC to the import directory in the target Jira: $JIRA_HOME/import/attachments/ABC.
  2. Move all attachments in the directory $JIRA_HOME/import/attachments/ABC AND its sub-directories, to the main directory $JIRA_HOME/import/attachment/ABC.

How do I set column width in Jira?

If you need a wider table, just add some spaces to the header and wrap it in noformat. And jira will keep the column width basing on that preformatted header. So example would be: ||{noformat}Header1 {noformat}||Header2||{noformat} Header3 {noformat}||Header4|| |data1|data2|data3|data4| ….

How do I copy a table from Word to Jira?

In ‘edit‘ mode, insert a new table. Copy the table data from Word and paste in the top left cell of the inserted table. You may have to add additional columns for it to work fully.

How do I import XML into Jira?

Importing an XML workflow into Jira

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira System Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose Administration ( ) > Issues. …
  3. Click the Import from XML button to open the Import Workflow dialog box.
  4. In the Name field, type a name (usually 2-3 words) to identify your new workflow.
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How do you import test cases from Excel to Jira?

csv file to a JIRA project, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Import Test Cases” tab from “Test Suites” panel.
  2. Click the “Import” button.
  3. Click “Choose Files” button, browse to your test case file (. …
  4. Click “Next” button.
  5. Select the CSV fields to import, then set how you would like these converted to fields in JIRA.