How do I Uncollapse a card in trello?

How do I unarchive in Trello?

Note: To unarchive your cards, just navigate to the main board menu, hit “more,” and then click “archived items.” Once you find the card, hit “send to board.”

Why can’t I edit cards on Trello?

You’ll want to add them to the board itself so that they can add and edit cards on that board. You can also open the board’s settings (Board Menu → “More” → “Settings”) and make sure that “Allow Workspace Members to Join” is checked.

How do you alphabetize cards in Trello?

The method to sort cards is easy:

  1. Click the Menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the top right of a list.
  2. Select Sort By and then click on one of the options under the Sort List.

How do I recover a Trello card?

Instructions for recovering a description

Log into Trello in Chrome or Firefox. Go to[card ID]/actions? filter=updateCard:desc, replacing [card ID] with the card ID you noted above.

How do I edit a card in Trello?

You can edit a card by clicking the card you wish to edit on your board. This opens the back of the card. To edit a card title, click the title on the back of the card. A card has an optional description field.

Can you sort cards in Trello?

To change sorting, just click the “Sorting by…” link at the top of your cards page and select “Sort by Due Date” or “Sort by Board”. Another nice time saver: Trello will remember how you had your cards sorted on a per-browser basis so you don’t have to set it every time.

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