How do I show subtasks in wrike?

How do you view subtasks on a board?

You should go to board settings -> swimlanes and choose Stories. In this case subtasks will be under the parent.

How do I change the view in wrike?

Set the view as default for that project, folder, or space.

Create a Custom view

  1. Navigate to the folder, project, or space where you want to create a Custom view.
  2. Click the + 1 button next to the views listed.
  3. Select Create custom view 2.

How do you add subtasks to your tasks?

If you have one task that you want to convert to a subtask, it’s quite simple.

  1. Choose the specific task you’d like to change.
  2. Click on the ellipses … at the top of the task window.
  3. Select “Make subtask”
  4. Choose the new parent task to inherit this subtask.

How do I always show click up subtasks?

Click on the subtask dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your screen:

  1. “Expanded” will expand subtasks directly beneath their parent tasks.
  2. “As separate tasks” will display subtasks as separate items from their parents.

How do I show subtasks in backlog?

Go to Configure Board -> Card Layout and add a new field to the “backlog” section. You should find “Sub-tasks” on the list. This will display a list of all the subtasks on each story in the backlog.

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How do you use lists in Wrike?

Select Apps & Integrations. Scroll to Wrike ToDo and click it. Click Install. Click Add to Chrome.

  1. A new private folder, Chrome ToDo Extension, is added to your Wrike account. …
  2. Each time you open a new Chrome tab, you’ll see an interface where you can see Wrike notifications, create tasks, and more.

How do I create dependencies in Wrike?

Create a dependency using the drag-and-drop support. Click on the triangle and drag the line to the dependent task.

How task dependencies work.

  1. Log into your Wrike workspace.
  2. Switch to the Timeline tab.
  3. Expand folders if necessary.
  4. Point the cursor over the top right corner of the task bar. A small triangle appears.

How do I mark a task complete in Wrike?

Click the checkbox in the task’s status field to mark the task as complete in one action.

What is priority in wrike?

Sometimes people use the Priority sort in the list view. This is simply the order of tasks in the list view. You can drag and drop to arrange the tasks in order of priority. When others view the tasks in list view and using the Priority sort, they’ll see the same order as everyone else. 2.

How do I edit a task in Wrike?

Edit Task Details Straight from the Task List

  1. Set the due date (or change the date) by clicking the calendar icon.
  2. View the task’s subtasks by clicking the subtasks icon.
  3. Right-click on the task to assign, reassign, or change task status.
  4. Click on the task’s folder tags to go to that folder.
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