How do I share Confluence publicly?

Can I make my Confluence page public?

To make your space public: Go to the space and choose Space tools > Permissions from the bottom of the sidebar. Choose Edit Permissions. Scroll down to the Anonymous Access section and select the specific permissions you’d like anonymous users to have.

Can you share a Confluence page externally?

External Share allows secure sharing of Confluence pages with external users with no additional licenses! Share links with external users and allow them to add comments and attachments, and follow updates live on your Confluence pages.

How do I share a Confluence space?

Add people to your space

  1. Go to the space in Confluence Cloud.
  2. Select Space Settings from the sidebar.
  3. Select General from the Space permissions card. The Space permissions card is only visible if you’re a space admin in that space.
  4. Select an Edit Permissions button (under Groups, Individual Users, or Anonymous Access).

Can anyone view a Confluence page?

The short answer is, you can’t. Confluence is designed to be open. … People with Confluence Administrator and System Administrator global permissions can’t see your pages by default, but they can grant themselves space administrator permission to the space.

Can I use global permission in Confluence?

As a Confluence admin, you can use global permissions to see which user groups and which types of users currently have access to your Confluence site and make high-level decisions about what they can do on it.

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How do Confluence permissions work?

Every Confluence space has its own set of permissions which determine what people can do in the space. Space permissions are set by the space administrator. The user who created the space is automatically a space administrator, and other users can also be granted Space Admin permission.

How do I add someone to Confluence page?

2 answers

  1. Open Confluence.
  2. Click Spaces.
  3. Click Space directory.
  4. Click Space Details icon beside to Space to update.
  5. Click Permissions.
  6. Under Individual Users, click Edit Permissions.
  7. In field under user list, enter users name and click Add.
  8. User is added to space.

How do I add an external user to Confluence?

To add a new user:

  1. Choose > User management.
  2. Select the Add Users tab.
  3. Enter the user’s details.
  4. Choose whether Confluence should send an email message informing the person of their new username. The email message will contain a link that the person can use to reset their password.
  5. Choose Create.

How do I add an external user to a Confluence space?

1 answer

  1. Go to User Management.
  2. Click on the Add Users tab, and add the user.
  3. Now, go to Groups under Users & Management in the sidebar.
  4. Click Add Group. …
  5. Go back to Users, and click on the new user and then click Edit Groups. …
  6. Now, go to Global Permissions under Users & Management in the sidebar.