How do I see resolved comments in Confluence?

How do I view resolved comments in Confluence?

Based on my testing in Confluence 6.6. 1 (server), resolved and unresolved comments will still display on a page after you delete the sentence with the comment. You can review these by clicking … (page properties), and then click resolved comments.

How do I reopen resolved comments in Confluence?

Resolve inline comments

If you want to view resolved comments, choose > Resolved comments; to reopen a resolved comment, choose Reopen at the bottom left.

How do I restore comments in Confluence?

If the version you reverted to has the text that the comments were made on, you may be able to restore them by going to the page and clicking the ellipses in the top right ([…]), clicking Resolved comments, then finding the comment and clicking the option to restore it to the page. I hope this helps!

How do I delete a resolved comment in Confluence?

Resolved inline comments cannot be deleted. You have to reopen (unresolve) the comment and then delete. There should be a “Delete” link in the Resolved Comments window so you can delete without having to reopen first.

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How do I view inline comments in Confluence?

For inline comments within Confluence, there is no easy way to see all comments. The simple solution is to locate one inline comment and select it. Once you have chosen it, you should up and down arrows allowing you to navigate any inline comments on that page.

What is inline comment?

Inline comments are comments made by an instructor that appear directly on top of your paper. These comments are usually brief.

What are inline comments in Java?

Single-line comments, often called inline comments, appear at the end of a line of code. Inline comments are typically used to annotate small parts of code which last one or so lines.

How do I leave a comment in Confluence?

How do I add a comment on a Confluence wiki page?

  1. Go to the Confluence wiki page you want to comment.
  2. Click the Add a comment link on the bottom of the page. OR.
  3. Click Add on the top, right-hand corner of the screen and select Comment.
  4. Type in your text/comment.
  5. Click the Post button to save your comment on that page.

How do I use wiki markup in Confluence?

Wiki markup is useful when you want to do one of the following:

  1. Type wiki markup directly into the editor. …
  2. Create links using the Advanced tab of the Links Browser.
  3. Add custom content to the sidebar, header or footer of a space.
  4. Insert a block of wiki markup (or markdown) into the Confluence editor.

How do I recover a deleted comment in Jira?

There is not a way to recover a deleted comment. When deleting a comment, a confirmation appears for the deletion. The confirmation also states there is no undo of deleting a comment.

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How do I copy a Confluence page with comments?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a test Confluence page and add a few Inline Comments to this page.
  2. Make a copy of this source page by using the Copy page feature in Confluence (… >> Copy)
  3. Save the copied page.
  4. Notice that all Inline Comments associated to the source page are missing from the copied page.