How do I see pages created by Confluence?

How do I see pages created in Confluence?

You can do this using CQL and advanced search – to do this:

  1. Press the magnifying glass on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Either press Enter/Return, or select “Advanced Search” at the bottom of this list to enter advanced.
  3. In the search box put: creator = “Username here”

Where does Confluence store pages?

The Confluence Home directory is the folder where Confluence stores its configuration information, search indexes and page attachments. Another term for ‘Home directory’ would be ‘data directory’. We also refer to this as the ‘local home directory’ in Data Center.

How do I view Confluence history?

You can access the history of a Confluence page from the Tools > Page History menu. On this page, you can compare versions, and restore or delete previous versions. Atlassian describes entries in the page history as ‘versions’.

How do I find archived pages in Confluence?

Find archived pages

To navigate to your space’s archive, scroll to the bottom of the page tree and select Archived pages. Anyone with space access can view the space’s archived pages.

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How do I search a space in Confluence?

To search in a space:

  1. Select Pages in the space sidebar.
  2. Enter some of the page title in the Search by title field. When entering multiple words, the operator used is OR. Enter product requirements, and the results will contain product OR requirements.
  3. Press Enter.

Where is the Confluence config file?

If your confluence instance connects directly via JDBC, your database connection configuration is stored in <confluence_home>/confluence. cfg. xml file.

Where does Confluence store plugins?

The bundle add ons are located at the directory <confluence-install>/confluence/WEB-INF/atlassian-bundled-plugins . At Confluence startup, they are copied into the $CONFLUENCE_HOME/bundled-plugins directory, from whence they are loaded.

Can you see who has viewed a Confluence page?

Click View analytics.

From the page’s analytics, you can view the following insights: Name – The name of the user. Last version viewed – The latest version of the page that the user has viewed. Last viewed – The last time the user viewed the page.

How do I restore a page in Confluence?

How do I restore a deleted Confluence wiki page?

  1. Go to the Space Admin tab of the Browse Spaceview. To do this: …
  2. Click on Trash from the left panel. A list of deleted pages and emails for the space is displayed.
  3. Click on the Restore link beside the page you want to restore.

How do I use page properties in Confluence?

To add the Page Properties macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose Page Properties from the Confluence content category.
  3. Choose Insert.
  4. In the macro body create a two column table.
  5. In the left column list your ‘properties’ – these will be the column headings in your report table.
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What is publish in Confluence?

Confluence creates a new version of your work each time you edit and publish. This means that you can go back and see your page history, and, if necessary, revert back to a previous version of your work. Once a page is published, you can find it in the page tree, under the parent page from which it was created. …

How do I mark a draft page in Confluence?

Confluence version 6.0 or later

If you would like to save your drafts or unpublished changes, click on the ‘Close’ button on the bottom-right of the editor and then choose ‘Keep draft’.

How do you undo something in Confluence?

Use keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Undo — PC: Ctrl+Z, Mac: ⌘+Z.
  2. Redo — PC: Ctrl+Y, Mac: ⌘+ Y or Shift+⌘+Z.