How do I see old sprint stories in Jira?

How do I find an old story in Jira?

To search all issues you have to click Issues > Search for issues and use that global search functionality.

How do I see past sprints?

You can see past/closed sprints in the Sprint Report and in the Velocity chart. where is the Sprint Report ? When you are viewing your scrum board there is a navigation pane on the left. In that pane is the item “Reports”.

How do I view past sprints in Jira Next Gen?

How can i view the completed sprint in next gen projects?

  1. Go to the over all start page of your Jira account with the upper left icon.
  2. Go to Issues and filters.
  3. Select Done issues or All issues.
  4. Klick on the [+More] button to add additional filters and add Sprint.
  5. Filter the list by the sprint that you want to see.

How do I view sprints in Jira?

Open the board and go to the Backlog view to see a list of all the open Sprints and the issues in the Sprints.

How do I view stories in Jira?

@Marc Collins If you have browse permission in your JIRA project and the default issue type “Story” exists as an issue type in your project, then you should be able to access and see User Stories in the project.

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How do I enable reports in Jira?

Enable reports for your team-managed software project

  1. Navigate to your team-managed software project.
  2. Go to Project Settings > Features.
  3. Enable the Reports feature.

How do I open two sprints in Jira?

Enabling parallel sprints

  1. Log in as a user with the Administer Jira global permission.
  2. Click Settings ( )> Products, then scroll down the page to the Jira Software section.
  3. Under Jira Software configuration, select the Parallel Sprints checkbox.