How do I see closed stories in Jira?

Where do Closed issues go in Jira?

If your closed issues are not mapped to the last column of the board, then they would be displayed in the backlog.

How do I see all stories in Jira?

To search all issues you have to click Issues > Search for issues and use that global search functionality.

How do I find an old story in Jira?

On the new issue view you click ‘comments’ which shows a drop down list, then click ‘history‘.

How do I see previous Sprint tasks in Jira?

Go to Projects > Open a Project > Click on Reports > Click on Velocity Chart > Now, you can view the Previous Sprint.

How can I see resolved issues in Jira?

If you want to see all issues, just head to the “Issues” menu entry in the sidebar and there set your filter accordingly.

How do I open a closed sprint in Jira?

Reopening a sprint

  1. Choose Projects and select a project, or choose View all projects to visit the projects directory.
  2. Select the relevant project.
  3. Click Reports, then select: …
  4. Select the relevant sprint from the sprint drop-down.
  5. Select more ( ) > Reopen sprint. …
  6. Click Reopen.

How do I view a sprint in Jira?

Open the board and go to the Backlog view to see a list of all the open Sprints and the issues in the Sprints.

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Where is Jira history?

Open the relevant issue in JIRA. 2. Open the History tab in the Activity section.