How do I restore basecamp?

How do I recover deleted files in basecamp?

View and Restore Anything in the Trash

  1. Once in Adminland, scroll down until you see the Owner Actions.
  2. Click view everything in the trash. …
  3. If you’d like to restore the trashed item, click on it and you will be given the option to view it , restore it or go to the trash to permanently delete it .

How do I find archives in basecamp?

Go to the item and click the “•••” button at the top right and select Archive this. You can restore or delete an archived item by visiting the Project in which you archived the item, and clicking on the tool for the type of item you need to restore or delete (e.g., Docs & Files).

How do I backup my Garmin Basecamp data?

Backing Up Data

  1. Select File > Backup.
  2. Select a location for the backup file.
  3. Enter a file name, and select Save.

How do I download all files from basecamp?

Head to your Account page, then click “Set up or download an export.” Pick the export you want. Select the entire account or a single project. Basecamp will pull together a download of your project data, including files.

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How do I undo archive?

Click on All Mail on the left. When you see the message, open it, and choose the Move to Inbox option to “un-archive” it. Alternatively, you can use the search feature to locate the message (the search box should be towards the top of the Gmail page).

How do I get things out of archive?

Select the items you will to remove. If you want to select all just click the “Toggle all” link. If you have many items you should scroll down until you see you item then click the “Remove selected items” button. When you have selected all the items to remove, click the “Remove selected items” button.

How do I Archive in basecamp 2?

Just go to your ‘Discussions’ page, and click on the ‘Archive’ button next to all of the discussions that would like to move. Archiving discussions simply hides that discussion from your Latest Activity feed.

How do I Archive a basecamp 3 project?

Delete or archive a project right from the Home page by clicking the ••• menu button in the upper right corner of the project card. Select ‘Archive or Delete It‘ from the options and confirm which action you’d like to take.

Where is my Garmin Basecamp data stored?

Under Windows 10, Basecamp 4.7 stores ‘AllData. gdb’ in a hidden folder: Usersyour_login_nameAppDataRoamingGarminBaseCampDatabase4.7.

How do I transfer my Garmin data to my new Garmin?

To transfer a backup to another device:

  1. Connect the receiving device to the computer.
  2. Click the Home icon in Express.
  3. Click the device that will receive the transfer.
  4. Click Tools & Content.
  5. Scroll down to the Transfer Favorites section.
  6. Select the device and the backup to restore in the From section.
  7. Click Transfer Now.
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How do I transfer Garmin basecamp to another computer?

Exporting data from BaseCamp:

  1. Select My Collection from Library.
  2. Select File from the Toolbar.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Select Export ‘My Collection’…
  5. Select the version folder in your new database location.
  6. Change Save as type to: Garmin GPS Database Files (*. gdb)
  7. Select Alldata. gdb.
  8. Select Save.