How do I reject a bug in Jira?

How do I add reject status in Jira?

If you’re question is about JIRA Service Desk and you’d like this “Reject” button to be shown on the Customer Portal, you can do so pretty easily. Simply check the box in front of “Show transition in the customer portal” on the Transition configuration.

How do I close a bug in Jira?

2 answers

  1. add a screen to the transitions to Done (or similar ending status) that includes the Resolution field. Also set a Validation to require that field be set on that transition. …
  2. add a post function to the transitions to Done (or similar ending status) that sets the Resolution to Done (or whatever you want).

How do I abandon a story in Jira?

Open your workflow : Issues > Workflows > Choose your workflow and click Edit. Add a new status and check the box “Allow all statuses to transition to this one” In text view, edit the transition to the new status, for exemple Cancelled (51) >> Cancelled.

What is Resolution field in Jira?

The “Resolution” field is an important feature in Jira. It specifies the reason an issue is closed and removes the need of having multiple statuses with the purpose of stating why the issue is closed, thus capturing important data for your team while reducing the time you have to manage your workflow.

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Under what conditions can we close a bug issue?

The person who closes the issue must be a person with experience in the area related to the issue and in the best case must be the person who reported the issue because this person has already experience in the issue reported and in most cases knows all the cases related to the issue apart what is explained in the …

What is the difference between resolved and closed in Jira?

Closed means that the issue has been worked on but can be reopen. Resolved means that the issue has been worked on, closed and a resolution determined.