How do I move messages in slack?

Can you move a message from one channel to another in slack?

With the Reacji Channeler app, you can instantly copy a message from one public channel to another using specific emoji reactions, or “reacji.” This comes in handy when something posted to a channel could be useful to conversations happening elsewhere across your workspace.

How do I organize my slack chats?

Organize your conversations

Click the channel or member name(s) in the conversation header. Click the star icon (or the emoji associated with the custom section) beside the channel or member name(s). Select a custom section from the list or select Move to new section to create a new one.

How do you move a chat to a channel in a team?

Within Teamwork Chat, you can convert existing conversations into channels. When viewing the conversation, click the three dots in the top right of the conversation and select Convert to channel.

Can you move a post from one channel to another in teams?

if you have an existing post that you want to show in a different channel, you can edit the message and cross-post. This will add the top-level post to the different channel, but will not include the full set of replies.

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Can you move posts in slack?

Open the thread you wish to move. Tap the three dots icon in the bottom-right corner. Select Move Thread. Find the channel you want to move the thread to and tap on it.

Is there a way to move messages in discord?

Hey there Discord team! Say if someone were to post a self promotion message in #general, an admin can simply click on the message and move it to #contentpromotion where it’ll clone the message to the desired channel and delete it from the original channel it was posted in. …

How do you group conversations in slack?

Add more people to a group direct message

  1. From your desktop, open a group DM.
  2. Click the cluster of profile pictures in the top right corner.
  3. Click Add people to this group DM.
  4. Start typing the name of the person you’d like to add, then select them from the list.
  5. Click Go to create a new DM.

How do you organize a conversation?

Organize a Conversation

  1. Recruit a planning committee and/or identify partners who can help with planning.
  2. Determine the meeting date and time.
  3. Outline meeting format. …
  4. Identify and reserve a meeting space.

How does slack for remote work?

Your guide to working remotely in Slack

  1. Use channels to create a digital office in Slack. Name your channels with intention. Pin important files and messages for your team. …
  2. Stay engaged with your team, from anywhere. Use emoji reactions to celebrate and engage. …
  3. Bring partners and tools to your work in Slack.

Can you move a teams chat to a team?

Select the teams you want to move, then click on Continue to destination. With the release of ShareGate Desktop 14.0, you can now select individual channels within each team that you want to bring. That way, you only migrate the channels you need to.

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How do I convert slack chat to channel?

Convert a group DM to a private channel

From your desktop, open a group DM. Click the member names in the conversation header. Select the Settings tab. Click Change to a private channel.

Can you move conversations in teams?

Once you’ve started a thread inside a channel, you can move it to a different channel any time you like. Team admin and members can move threads. Guests can move a thread only if they created it.

How do I cross post in slack?

You can manually copy a message link and paste it to another conversation to share it. The message will expand, just like when you share other links in Slack. Hover over the message you’d like to share. Click the three dots icon and choose Copy link.

How do I reply to a thread on slack?

Start or reply to a thread

  1. Hover over the message you’d like to reply to.
  2. Click the Reply in thread icon.
  3. Type your reply.
  4. Send your message.