How do I move a child page to a parent page in Confluence?

How do I convert my kids page to a parent page?

Click and hold the child page. Drag the child page next to its desired parent page. Release the page. Your article should now be under the correct parent page.

How do I transfer data from one Confluence page to another?

Copy pages

  1. Go to a page in the space, and click ••• > Copy. Confluence opens a copy of the page in the editor.
  2. Rename the page, and make any other changes in the body of the page.
  3. Select Save.

How do I copy a child page in Confluence?

To copy a page and all its child pages:

  1. Go to the page and choose > Copy.
  2. Choose a Location for the new pages.
  3. Select Include child pages.
  4. Use the options provided to customize your new page titles. …
  5. Deselect any items you do not want to copy over (attached files, labels, restrictions)
  6. Hit Copy.

How do you move sections in Confluence?

To move a section to another part of the page:

  1. Place your cursor in the section you wish to move.
  2. Choose the Move up or Move down buttons.
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Is Page A parent WordPress?

A parent page is a top-level page, with child pages nested under it. For example, you could have an “About” page as a top level or parent page, and then have child pages “Life Story” and “My Dogs” under it. Under “My Dogs” you could have another page, titled “Rosco”. …

How do I set up a parent page?

Go to Administration > Pages > Add New screen. In the right menu, click the “Page Parent” drop-down menu. The drop-down menu contains a list of all the Pages already created for your site. Select the appropriate parent Page from the drop-down menu to make the current Page a child Page.

How do I create a parent page in Confluence?

How do I create a new page in my Confluence wiki?

  1. Click on the Add Page link. …
  2. Enter a Title for your page.
  3. Click Edit beside Location to change the location of the page.
  4. Select the Space where you want your page to be located from the drop-down menu displayed.
  5. In the Parent Page input field, specify a parent, if needed.

How do I copy a page layout in Confluence?

CTRL+A shortcut on Windows (10), Chrome 68, confluence 6.4.

How do you copy a wiki page?

Copy All Wiki Pages

  1. Create the destination folder, if it does not already exist.
  2. In the source folder, create a Wiki TOC web part (it may be named “Pages” by default), if one does not already exist.
  3. Select Copy from the triangle pulldown menu on the Wiki TOC web part.
  4. Select the destination folder from the tree.
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How do I copy and paste in Confluence?

copy and paste tables in Confluence is a bit tricky. Technically, it is very simply. Select everything in the table from the header line to the last line, copy it and paste it in the new position.

How do I edit a Confluence page?

How do I edit an existing Confluence wiki page?

  1. Go to a page in the space.
  2. Click Edit at the top to view the page in Edit mode. This is only displayed if you are logged in and have permission to edit the page. …
  3. Apply changes to the content.
  4. Click Update to save any changes you made.