How do I make a field mandatory in Jira?

How do I mark a field as mandatory in Jira?

To make a field mandatory when used through Jira’s user interface, click the Required link associated with that field. The text Required appears next to the field’s name. Hidden fields cannot be set as required. To make a field optional, click the Optional link associated with that field.

How do you make a field mandatory for an issue type?

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How do I restrict fields in Jira?

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  1. Go to the Project –> Project settings –> Workflow –> Edit.
  2. Select the required Status, which has to be set as uneditable.
  3. Click on properties.
  4. In the new window that comes up, set.
  5. Proper key = jira.issue.editable.
  6. property value = false.

How do I create a field configuration in Jira?

How to add a new field configuration

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. In the Fields section, click Field configurations.
  3. Click Add field configuration.
  4. Enter a name that best describes your new field configuration and a description that explains when it should be used.
  5. Click Add.
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How do you set fields in Jira?

How to edit a field description

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. In the Fields section, click Field configurations.
  3. Click Configure next to the field configuration you wish to edit.
  4. Click Edit next to the field you want to update.
  5. Enter a new description and click Update.

How do I change field configuration scheme in Jira?

Go to your project and click Project settings. Click Fields. Click Actions > Use a different scheme. Select the scheme you want to associate with this project.

How do you configure a comment field to be required in a workflow transition?

Go to the JIRA workflow editor, and find the transition during which you want to require comments. Choose Validators and Add Validator. Select the Field Required Validator. Add the Comment field to the required fields list.

How do I set a custom field value in Jira?

For fields that do, you can set a default value with these steps:

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Under FIELDS, click Custom fields.
  3. Find the custom field you want to configure, click > Contexts and default value. …
  4. In the configuration scheme section, select Edit Default Value.

How do I set fields in Jira Service Desk?

Customize the fields of a request type

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings ( ) > Request types.
  2. Select the request type you want to customize.
  3. In the Agent view tab, drag and drop fields to rearrange the order, select Add fields to add a new field or drag and drop fields to Hidden to hide them.