How do I link to an anchor on a different page in Confluence?

Can you link to an anchor on another page Confluence?

Ctrl K for Windows, or cmd K for Mac. Selecting the link tool gives you the ability to link to: an anchor macro. pages outside Confluence.

Can you hyperlink to an anchor?

To Link to your Anchor in the same Article:

Complete the Anchor Name field with the name of the Anchor you’d like to link to. (The name given when you Create an Anchor.) Click Ok to create the link. The text/image will now be a clickable hyperlink in your communication.

How do I pull data from one Confluence page to another?

How to Include Content from One Page on Another Page

  1. Create a new page.
  2. Place your cursor in the body of the page where you want to include content from another page. …
  3. Select “Other Macros” from the drop down menu.
  4. Search for the keyword “Include”
  5. Select “Include Page”
  6. Search for the name of the page you want to include.

How do I link to an anchor on a different page?

If the anchor you are linking to is on a different page as the link, click the Link to dropdown menu and select URL. Enter the full URL of the page followed by the # hashtag symbol, followed by the name of the anchor.

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How do I link a child page in Confluence?

To add the Children Display macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose Children Display from the Confluence content or Navigation category.
  3. Use the parameters below to specify which pages to display, and how you want them to look.
  4. Choose Insert.

How do you link anchors?

Link to an anchor on the current page

  1. In Content, in the rich text editor, select the text that you want to format as a link.
  2. In the rich text editor panel, click the Create or edit hyperlink icon .
  3. In the Add link panel, in the Link type field, select External.
  4. In the URL field, enter #.
  5. Click Save link.

Which hyperlink take you to another part of the same web page?

For a link to another web page, the “A” is followed by “HREF”. To set a bookmark in the same page, the “A” is followed by “NAME”, which you’ll see how to do later.

How do I use MultiExcerpt?

Insert the MultiExcerpt Include

  1. Select the MultiExcerpt Include. …
  2. Add where the MultiExcerpt key is located (Space and Page) and its Name, then click Insert.
  3. The MultiExcerpt Include block displays while the Confluence page is in edit mode.
  4. In view mode, your text displays exactly how it looks in the key MultiExcerpt.