How do I link one issue to another in Jira?

How do I link two issues in Jira?

Open the issue you wish to link to another issue in the same Jira site. Select More > Link to display the Link dialog box. Ensure that the Jira Issue item is selected at the left of the dialog box and then choose the type of link to be created from the This issue drop-down list.

How do I enable issue linking in Jira?

In General configuration, click Advanced Settings. Click the jira. view. issue.

We don’t recommend editing or deleting clone link types, as they are used to automatically link cloned issues.

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Click Issue Linking.
  3. Fill in the form below the existing issue links. …
  4. Click Add.

How do I mention another issue in Jira?

The new issue view uses Markdown editor and in order to mention another ticket, you can simply type the issue key and press space or enter/return for the text to be updated with the link.

Can you choose the correct one linking issue in Jira?

To an issue on another Jira site

Select more (•••) > Link > Jira Issue. Choose the relevant Jira site and the type of issue link. Enter the issue key or search for the issues you want to link. Note that you can link to any issue that you have access to on the other Jira site.

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How do I link a pull request to issue?

Under your repository name, click Pull requests. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request that you’d like to link to an issue. In the right sidebar, click Linked issues. Click the issue you want to link to the pull request.

How do I change a linked issue in Jira?

Below the Issue field, click on the search for an issue link to specify a JQL query which regroups the issues you want to link to the current one. Click on the link Advanced Search from the Find JIRA issues window. Enter the specific JQL query and select the issues. The selected issues should appear in the Issue field.

How do I link a URL in Jira?

To insert a link on a page:

  1. Select some text or position your cursor where you want to insert the link.
  2. Choose Link on the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K.
  3. Select a page, blog post or attachment, or enter an external URL (see below for how to link to particular types of content)