How do I import a Notion page?

How do I export and import Notion pages?

Click on a page within Notion. Click the three dots menu in the top-right corner of the page and select Export. Keep the default format of Markdown & CSV. Check “Include subpages”.

How do I use someone else’s template in Notion?

How to Enable Another Notion User to Copy Your Template

  1. Open up Notion to the Template or Page you want to share.
  2. Click the “Share” Button.
  3. Enable “Share to the web” and “Allow duplicate as template” Options.
  4. Copy the Sharing Link to Your Clipboard.
  5. Share Your Template Link with Others.

Can you export a Notion page?

Exporting Notion in Markdown & CSV format

Once you have pressed the “Export all workspace content” button, select “Markdown & CSV” and click “Export“. Your Notion pages will start exporting. Once Notion is done exporting your pages, you will be presented a save dialog. Give your backup a name.

How do I share a Notion page?

Share a Page with Members, Guests and Groups

  1. Open the Share menu at the top-right.
  2. Click Invite a Person .
  3. Choose an existing name or enter an email address.
  4. If the email address is associated with an existing Notion account, you’ll see the user’s name and avatar to select; otherwise, you can click the email address.
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How do I import Notion into Word?

Importing individual Docs

  1. Open the Doc in Drive.
  2. Go to File > Download > Microsoft Word.
  3. Open the left hand menu in Notion and click Import.
  4. Chose Word and upload the file.

How do I move a page from one notion account to another?

Put all of the content, that you want to move from one workspace to another, under a temporary top level page and.. Notion does not support moving top level pages which is why you have to create a temporary top level page, move the content that you want to share beneath it and then share that.

What does duplicate mean in notion?

You can duplicate pages by selecting “…” on the right side of the page in the left sidebar and clicking “Duplicate.” To do so for multiple pages, you can drag them into a top level page, then duplicate the top level page (rather than doing it one by one).

How do I sell a notion template?

The way it works is simple: You list your template in a similar way to how would list an old iPhone or iPad on eBay — create a description, upload images, set a price and configure a payment method (you have to use Gumroad in this instance).