How do I get rid of a column in Notion?

How do you delete the first column in Notion?

There isn’t a way to change or delete the Title property at the moment, as it gives you access to the database pages. However, you can drag the column to be in whatever order you would like!

How do I get rid of no status column in Notion?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: The ‘No Status’ column. While this could be useful for some, most people will inevitably want to remove it – and you can do just that by clicking the three horizontal dots and selecting ‘Hide’. Hide the ‘No Status’ column for the most traditional Kanban Board experience.

How do you delete a database in Notion?

There’s a “delete” button in the “…” menu at the top right of your database! Or, use the “…” next to the database’s name in the sidebar, then “delete.”

How do you delete multiple rows in Notion?

Here’s a tip to change multiple rows at once: (1) Select multiple rows (drag to multiple select, or press Shift + Up/Down) (2) Right click or press Ctrl/Cmd + / (3) Type the property name you want to change, then Enter. That’s it! @notionHQ – how about deleting multiple table rows?

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Which is better trello or notion?

The answer is completely dependent on how you plan to use each app. Trello is awesome at project management. Notion is a great all-around tool that allows you to accomplish a variety of things not just project management. if you are looking solely for a project management tool, Trello is probably the better bet.

How do you delete something in notion?

Go to the ••• icon at the very top right of a page and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

  1. If you’re deleting a sub-page off of an existing page, hover over it and click on the ⋮⋮ icon (or right click) to see the option to delete.
  2. Drag any page or content block into the Trash at the bottom of your left sidebar.

How do you delete a picture from notion?

Hover over any image, file, or media and click. at the top right or ⋮⋮ on the left. You can also right click on the block itself. Choose Delete .

How do I change the name of a column in Notion?

A Notion table will always have a name property that is of type Title. You can’t change or delete this field, but you can change the name of the field. Click on the field to get a drop-down window of options. We will change the name of the field to Title and leave the rest alone.