How do I find my Jira consumer key?

How do I set up OAuth in Jira?

Configure OAuth 2.0 for Google, Microsoft, or your own custom server

  1. Go to Jira administration > System > OAuth 2.0.
  2. Click Add new integration.
  3. Select your Service provider.
  4. Enter your integration’s name.
  5. For Google and Microsoft, we will auto-fill the authorization and the token endpoint data.

How do I find my Jira link?

To find your Jira site URL:

  1. Open Jira Software in your web browser (on your device, or on your computer or laptop)
  2. Copy the address from your browser’s address bar. In some browsers you may need to tap or click the address bar to see the full URL.

How do I create a token in Jira?

Create an API Token in Atlassian (Jira and Confluence)

  1. Log into Jira Software or Confluence and click your profile image.
  2. Open Profile.
  3. Click Manage Your Profile.
  4. Navigate to Security.
  5. Scroll down a little and click Create and manage API tokens.
  6. Click Create API token.
  7. Enter a Label and click Create.

How do I find my Jira API key?

Log in to

  1. Click ‘Create API token. ‘
  2. From the dialog that appears, enter a memorable and concise ‘Label’ for your token and click ‘Create. ‘
  3. Use ‘Copy to clipboard’ and paste the token into the JIRA API token field on the JIRA account user page.
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Is there a desktop version of Jira?

You can check the Desktop Jira Client. thanks for this link, this desktop client by ALM works is amazing: much faster than the web version + all sorts of handy sort and filter options, + 2way sync!

What is the difference between OAuth and oauth2?

OAuth 1.0 only handled web workflows, but OAuth 2.0 considers non-web clients as well. Better separation of duties. Handling resource requests and handling user authorization can be decoupled in OAuth 2.0.

How do I find Jira user ID?

Click your Profile menu in the upper-right, then select “Profile”. In the URL after /people/ is your account ID. p.s. of course this is a manual way to check user IDs. Ah, for some reason I thought you were on Jira Cloud!

How do I find my Jira user ID?

From within Jira, you can click your own user avatar -> Profile. As for how to find other user’s accountId while in Jira Cloud, you can use the People section in the top nav bar to find the user and click on their name. This is another way to find other users accountId.