How do I delete my Habitica account?

Can you reset your Habitica account?

Once you confirm any restart option, the changes are permanent.

Permanent Options.

Option Main Feature Best Used For Players Who
Reset Account resets many parts of your account, including tasks and histories have been playing a short time and want a fresh start or have returned and wish to “start over”

What is better than Habitica?

The best alternative is Quire, which is free. Other great apps like Habitica are LifeRPG (Free), Loop Habit Tracker (Free, Open Source), Super Productivity (Free, Open Source) and Microsoft To Do (Free).

What is streak in Habitica?

Streaks track the consecutive number of times a Daily has been completed on schedule, or a Habit has been completed within its counter reset frequency.

What does pets do in Habitica?

Most pets in Habitica have food preferences. Feeding a pet its preferred type of food will cause it to grow into a mount more quickly than feeding it a non-preferred type.

How do you get Mystic hourglass in Habitica?

Mystic Hourglasses are awarded to people who have had a subscription or group plan membership for at least three consecutive months. For every three months that you’re a subscriber or group plan member, you’ll earn an additional Mystic Hourglass!

What is the difference between habits and dailies in Habitica?

If you need to work on something consistently, like quitting smoking or eating more healthily, make it a Habit. Enter scheduled, repeatable tasks, such as taking your dog for its morning walk, as Dailies.

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