How do I delete a service project in Jira?

How do I delete a service desk project in Jira?


  1. Go to the administration of the project for which the service project is associated.
  2. Go to Service Desk in the left hand menu.
  3. Click Disable to disable the service project.

How do I permanently delete a project in Jira?

You must have the Administer Jira global permission to delete projects from trash. To permanently delete a project, you must first move the project to trash.

To permanently delete a project:

  1. Choose > Projects.
  2. Select Trash from the sidebar.
  3. Find your company-managed project and select. ••• > Delete permanently.

How do you delete a project?

To delete a project, first load the project in the source editor by choosing the project from the file manager tree. Click on the File menu on the Editor tab above the source editor. In the File menu, select Delete Project. All project source code and data will be deleted after you confirm the deletion.

How do I delete a customer in Jira Service Desk cloud?

Delete a customer’s account

  1. Go to Settings ( ) > User management.
  2. From the sidebar, select Jira Service Management.
  3. Find the customer name you wish to delete > more ( ).
  4. Select Delete account.
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What happens when you delete a project in Jira?

If you delete a project, you won’t affect them. Except for field content, which will be deleted along with the issues holding it.

How do I delete an issue in Jira?

“How to delete an issue from JIRA?” basically, if you have the necessary permissions then in the detailed issue view click on ellipses in upper right and select Delete.

How do I delete a project on open science framework?

First, go to the project that you want to delete. Then click the Settings tab in the navigation bar. The project’s “Settings” page will appear. Click the red Delete project button located near the top of the page.

How do I delete a project in After Effects?

Open the project. In the Tasks panel, click Edit and then click Project. Select one or more files. Press Ctrl+Delete.

How do I delete GCP project immediately?

To shut down a project using the Cloud Console:

  1. Open the Settings page (found under IAM & Admin) in the Google Cloud Console. Open the Settings page.
  2. Click Select a project.
  3. Select a project you want to delete, and click Open.
  4. Click Shut down.
  5. Enter the Project ID, then click Shut down.