How do I delete a draft in Confluence?

Where are Confluence drafts stored?

In the top right of the Confluence window click on -> Drafts. This will display a list of all the drafts you have saved. For pages that are yet to be saved, you’ll have an option to Resume Editing or Discard.

How do I find unpublished pages in Confluence?

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  1. Open each document in the “Worked on” tab under the “Recent” menu and look for the ‘Unpublished” changes” marker next to the breadcrumbs. (Its easier if you choose “View all Recent Pages” at the bottom of the page).
  2. To do the same for all users, use the Advanced Search and search on Last Modified.

How do drafts work in Confluence?

Draft – A newly created page which has not been published, or simply a page which has never been published before. For instance, if you create a new page, the button on the bottom-right of the editor will show as ‘Publish’. Shared Draft – Draft is shared with other users when collaborative editing feature is enabled.

How do I clean up Confluence?

One of the first steps, when beginning to clean up your site, is to identify spaces that are no longer used on a regular basis.

  1. Go to Analytics in the Confluence header.
  2. Select the Spaces tab.
  3. Set your date range.
  4. Sort the table by views (ascending).
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How do you delete a Confluence page?

How do I delete a page in my Confluence wiki space?

  1. Go to a page in the space, open the Tools menu.
  2. Select Remove. The ‘Remove Page’ screen opens. You will be prompted to confirm the action. The ‘Remove’ menu option will only appear if you have permission to remove this page.

How do I delete unpublished changes in Confluence?

To delete a draft go to *** > Delete unpublished page. Because drafts have never been published, you’ll be deleting the entire page or blog post. Discarded drafts are not sent to the trash. Drafts in Confluence are shared, meaning other people can work on them with you.

Why can’t I edit a Confluence page?

Navigate to Confluence Administration > General Configuration > Collaborative Editing and click on “Restart Synchrony”. Afterward, try to create a new page or edit an existing one and see if the issue is resolved.

How do I edit confluence?

How do I edit an existing Confluence wiki page?

  1. Go to a page in the space.
  2. Click Edit at the top to view the page in Edit mode. This is only displayed if you are logged in and have permission to edit the page. …
  3. Apply changes to the content.
  4. Click Update to save any changes you made.

How do I edit rights in Confluence?

Edit space permissions

To change permissions for a space, choose Space tools > Permissions from the bottom of the sidebar, then choose Edit Permissions to change permission settings.

How do I undo changes in Confluence?

Use keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Undo — PC: Ctrl+Z, Mac: ⌘+Z.
  2. Redo — PC: Ctrl+Y, Mac: ⌘+ Y or Shift+⌘+Z.
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How do I edit a link in Confluence?

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  1. Click edit on the page you wanted the user to go.
  2. Copy the page link.
  3. Go to the new page edit mode and choose insert link > Web link.
  4. Add the URL and the text.
  5. Save the page.