How do I create an index page in Confluence?

What is content indexing in Confluence?

The search index is used by search, the dashboard, some macros, and all the other places where we show information about content in your Confluence site. The search index is made up of: a content index which contains content such as the text of pages, blog posts, and comments.

How do I add a hierarchy in Confluence?

To get a hierarchy or structure, you need to create pages in the shape you want for the structure (see for a very recent discussion on that), and then attach files to the appropriate pages.

How do I create a link to jump to a specific part of a page in Confluence?

Link to a page

From the toolbar, select Link > Recently viewed and select a page from the list. Type [ and enter part of the page name, then select the page from the list. Paste the URL of the page onto your page (Confluence will automatically create the link).

How do I create a dynamic table in Confluence?

Create a dynamic table:

  1. Start by inserting a Table Data macro onto your page. …
  2. Within that Table Data macro, create a table like the one in the following image:
  3. Now, fill in the table cells with Text Data, Adding a dropdown list of users and List Option macros, like in the following image:
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How does table of contents work in Confluence?

The Table of Contents macro scans the headings on the current Confluence page to create a table of contents based on those headings. This helps readers find their way around lengthy pages, by summarising the content structure and providing links to headings.

What is content index?

Content indexing allows developers to tell the browser about their specific offline content. This allows users to discover and view what is available, whilst giving developers the ability to add and manage this content.

How do I re-Index in Jira?

You can reindex a single JIRA project, as a JIRA administrator, by:

  1. Visit the project.
  2. Click on the “Project settings” on the bottom left of the screen.
  3. On “Project settings” page, Click on “Re-index project” option from the left hand side menu.
  4. Click on “Start project re-index” button to perform the project re-indexing.

How do I create a support zip in Confluence?

To create a Support ZIP file:

  1. Click the cog icon at top right of the screen and select General Configuration. …
  2. In the Administration section, click Atlassian Support Tools. …
  3. Click Support Zip and select every check box.
  4. Click Create. …
  5. Log in to the Confluence server to retrieve the file.

How do I create a directory structure in Confluence?

To create a new folder, click the Add Content Button in the Utility Bar, then select Folder. The Workspace will display a new window with options to select. Folder Name – Name of the folder using the correct Naming Conventions. Do not use spaces, special characters, punctuation, or uppercase letters.

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How do I change the page hierarchy in Confluence?

To move or reorder a page:

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Reorder pages from the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Expand the branches to locate the page you want to move.
  3. Drag the page to a new position in the tree.