How do I create a sub task bug in Jira?

How do I automatically create subtasks in Jira?

On the Create sub-tasks page add one or more sub-tasks by clicking the Add another sub-task and fill in the Summary fields as you like. You can also configure the fields that you’d like in each sub-task. When you click Add fields on the third sub-task the other two sub-tasks will be created as a separate action.

How do I convert a subtask to a bug in Jira?

To convert a subtask to an issue, we should first navigate to the subtask that needs to be converted into an issue. Then, Select More → Convert to issue. The following screenshot shows how to navigate at Convert to Issue.

How do I create multiple subtasks in Jira?

Sub-tasks can be created for any given Jira issue that allows it. Simply press the create multiple sub-tasks button at task level, type in the list of sub-tasks with their respective fields and click the button to confirm.

How do I add a bulk task in Jira?

Before you begin: If your Jira installation has existing data, you should back it up.

  1. Select Issues > Import Issues from CSV to open the Bulk Create Setup page. …
  2. On the Setup page, select your CSV Source File. …
  3. Click the Next button to proceed to the Settings step of the CSV file import wizard.
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How do I turn a subtask into a task?

How do I make a subtask into a task?

  1. Click the task containing the subtask you wish to change the parent of.
  2. Click and hold just to the left of the priority strip of the subtask to pick it up.
  3. Drag the subtask into the open task list and then let go.
  4. The subtask is now no longer a subtask.

How do Jira subtasks work?

A subtask can be created for an issue to either split the issue into smaller chunks or to allow various aspects of an issue to be assigned to different people. If you find a subtask is holding up the resolution of an issue, you can convert the subtask to an issue, to allow it to be worked on independently.

How do I move a subtask to another task in Jira?

1 Answer. the solution is simple select the issue you need to change the parent. then navigate to more tab and select move option then there will be options to move sub-task to another parent issue.