How do I create a feature in Jira align?

How do I create a sprint in Jira align?

Go to Program > Manage > Program Increments > select the PI corresponding to the Program the Jira Board is mapped to > Sync Sprints tab. You should verify your active Jira sprint is on the same cadence as the Jira Align anchor sprints plus or minus the assigned buffer days under Jira Settings > Jira Setup.

What’s the difference between Jira and Jira align?

Short answer: Jira Portfolio is focus on small number of team (less than 20 – maybe) while the newly announced Jira Align (after Atlassian acquired AgileCraft) is more on connecting from top level strategy to a bigger amount of teams.

What is capability in Jira align?

Capabilities are similar to features, but they describe higher-level solution behaviors than the features do. Capabilities fit within a single program increment to assure that incremental and measurable value is continuously delivered.

What are misaligned stories in JIRA align?

Misaligned stories, which have sprint and program increment assignments that do not match, will display based on the Sprint field and its association with a program increment. See Manage Stories with the Story Grid for examples. This change addresses JIRAALIGN-1553.

Who should use Jira align?

Enterprise organizations of over 1,000 people are generally the best fit for Jira Align. You may also be a good fit for Jira Align if you: Are working to align the work of teams, programs, and portfolios. Are working with leadership to standardize tooling and reporting across many agile teams (50+)

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Does Jira align replace Jira?

Or Does Jira Align replace Jira? The integration of Jira Align with Jira provides the organization with bug & issue tracking, project management, & reporting at scale. Jira Align DOES NOT replace Jira Software as Jira is where the team level work (engineering) gets done.

What is a theme in Jira align?

A theme, a capability (at least one of its child stories or features), a story, a feature, or an epic (at least one of its child stories, features, or capabilities) is assigned to the sprint that comes after the sprint of the main item.