How do I create a custom group in Jira?

What is a Jira group?

A Jira group is a convenient way to manage a collection of users. You can use groups throughout Jira to: Allow application access. Grant global permissions or project specific access.

How do you create permission?

From Setup, enter Permission Sets in the Quick Find box, then select Permission Sets. Click New. Enter your permission set information. Select the types of users for the permission set.

How do I add permissions to Permission Set to a group?

In the Permission Set Group detail page, under Permission Sets, click Permission Sets in Group. Click Add Permission Set. You can add up to 100 permission sets to a permission set group. On the Add Permission Sets detail page, select the permission sets that you want to add to the group, and click Add.

What are permission groups?

Groups allows you to manage Amplitude user permissions at scale. With Groups, you can add multiple users to a Group and quickly assign them sets of permissions, allowing you to easily provision and manage your Amplitude organization.

How do I create a permission scheme in Jira?

Add users, groups, and roles to the scheme and grant their project permissions. Associate the scheme with the projects that should use it.

To create a permission scheme:

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. From the sidebar, select Permission Schemes. …
  3. Select Add Permission Scheme.
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How do I create a project role in Jira?

Adding a project role

  1. Choose > System.
  2. Under SECURITY, select Project roles. The Project Role Browser displays, which contains a list of all the project roles in your Jira site.
  3. Under Add Project Role at the bottom of the page, enter your desired role’s name and a description.
  4. Click the Add Project Role button.

How do I add someone to a project in Jira?

Add users to your project

  1. From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > People.
  2. Select Add people.
  3. Search for Emma. You can add multiple people and groups, and delete those you have accidentally added in this dialog.
  4. Select the Administrators role and select Add.