How do I create a confluence document?

How do I create a Confluence page for a project?

Create the space

  1. Choose Spaces > Create space from the Confluence header.
  2. Select the Blank space option and choose Next.
  3. Enter a Space name – for this space, we’ll call it ‘Mars Colony’, as it’s being used for the Mars colonization project.

How do I organize my confluence?

Once you know what kinds of spaces your organization will need, it’s time to create your first space.

  1. Go to your Confluence site.
  2. From the home screen, select Create Space.
  3. Select the type of space you’d like to create.
  4. Fill in the Space name, Space key, and other details.
  5. Set permissions for your space.
  6. Select Create.

How do I create a child folder in Confluence?

To create a new folder, click the Add Content Button in the Utility Bar, then select Folder. The Workspace will display a new window with options to select. Folder Name – Name of the folder using the correct Naming Conventions. Do not use spaces, special characters, punctuation, or uppercase letters.

How do I create a checkbox in Confluence?

Confirming this: our new Confluence Cloud editor supports markdown, where typing [ and ] followed by a space at the beginning of a line creates a checkbox.

How do I create a blog in Confluence?

Create a blog post

  1. Navigate to the space where you want to create your blog post.
  2. Choose Create in the Confluence header and select Blog post.
  3. Add your content and choose Publish.
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