How do I create a clone in Jira?

How do I clone a test in Jira?

Clone test case with test steps (Jira Cloud)

  1. Open your test case which you want to clone.
  2. On the test case issue detail page, click on menu option (…) …
  3. Select ‘Clone with test steps’
  4. Select your destination project where you want to create a clone test case. ( …
  5. Enter a summary of the clone test case.

How do I create multiple clones in Jira?

Clone issue multiple times

  1. Navigate to the Issue you want to Single Clone.
  2. Click ••• > Deep Clone / Old Jira Issue View: Click Deep Clone.
  3. Under “Advanced Options” select “Clone issue multiple times”.
  4. Define the quantity of clones you want to create.

How do I move a test case from one directory to another in Jira?

Navigate to your Test Planning page, click on the test cycle folder that you want to move, open the extra action menu for the test cycle folder and click on the Move option.

How do I move a test case from one project to another in Jira?


  1. Head to the Test tab.
  2. Click on the triangle-shaped icon next to the New button.
  3. Select the option Import Test Cases from Other Projects from the dropdown menu. …
  4. Select the Project from the dropdown menu. …
  5. Select the Folder from the dropdown menu. …
  6. (Optional) Filter Statuses, Components, Labels and Priorities.
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How do you clone a test case in Zephyr?

1. Select/check off any of the test case(s) that you want to clone on the left hand side of the table. 2. Once you have your selected test case(s) to clone, you simply click the “Clone” button at the top of the table.

Can we do bulk clone in Jira?

Indeed! Deep Clone for Jira now allows to bulk-clone up to 1000 issues at once within Jira Cloud. You can include comments, attachments, sub-tasks and all other issue content such as issue links.

How do you make clones shoot on scratch?

you set two variables to the clone that is shooting’s x and y positions (x variable, y variable) and set the bullet to go to x= (x variable) and y = (y variable).