How do I copy and paste a table from Confluence to Word?

How do I copy a table from Confluence to Word?

If you select the table it puts a boarder around it and if you click the top left corner you can select and copy the table. (ctrl + v), then remove the dummy text from around the pasted table.

How do I extract a table from Confluence?

If you just need to export your source table, you can wrap your table with Table Filter, and then click cogwheel on the filter panel and choose option Export to CSV.

Can you copy and paste a table in Word?

Copy a table and paste it in a new location

  • In Print Layout view, rest the pointer on the table until the table move handle. appears.
  • Click the table move handle to select the table.
  • Do one of the following: …
  • Place the cursor where you want the new table.
  • Press CTRL+V to paste the table in the new location.

How do I import a table from Confluence to Word?

To import a Word document in Confluence:

  1. Create a page in Confluence or go to an existing page (you want to view the page, not edit it).
  2. Choose > Import Word Document.
  3. Choose Browse and locate the Word document you want to import, then choose Next.
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Can you copy and paste a table in Confluence?

copy and paste tables in Confluence is a bit tricky. Technically, it is very simply. Select everything in the table from the header line to the last line, copy it and paste it in the new position.

How do I copy a table from Confluence to Excel?

If you truly need to get that content (assuming a Confluence table) into Excel, you can copy the table in edit mode, then paste in Excel. Copying from read view won’t grab the table headers for some reason. If this is a routine process, you can always save the Excel file in a file list.

How do I export a table from Word to Excel?

Copy a Word table into Excel

  1. In a Word document, select the rows and columns of the table that you want to copy to an Excel worksheet. …
  2. To copy the selection, press CTRL+C.
  3. In the Excel worksheet, select the upper-left corner of the worksheet area where you want to paste the Word table. …
  4. Press CRL+V.