How do I close a Jira Service Desk?

How do I turn off Jira Service Desk?


  1. Go to the administration of the project for which the service project is associated.
  2. Go to Service Desk in the left hand menu.
  3. Click Disable to disable the service project.

How do I disable the Jira service desk customer portal?

2 answers

  1. Go to Project Settings.
  2. Click on Permissions in Sidebar.
  3. Click Actions and Click Edit Permissions.
  4. Remove Service Desk Customer – Portal Access and Application Access for Browse Projects and Create Issues Permission. Please refer the screenshots.

How do I close an RFC in Jira?

Withdrawing an RFC

If the RFC cannot be adopted (by consensus, decision of the DM Change Control Board, or decision of the Assignee), then you can withdraw the RFC. Click the Withdraw button on the RFC’s JIRA issue page to do this.

How do I hide a request type in Jira Service Desk?

Go to a service desk project > Project settings > Request types; Choose a request type > click on Edit groups and uncheck all boxes; Note that the request type will start showing under “Hidden from portal”.

How do I hide a project in Jira?

Hide a project

  1. Create a new permission scheme, and leave all of the permissions empty: Select > Issues. …
  2. Associate the new permission scheme with the project that you wish to hide (see the section Associating a Permission Scheme with a Project ): Choose Settings > Projects.
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