How do I change the resolution status in Jira?

How do I make a resolution field editable in Jira?

You do NOT make it editable. You should only set it when closing an issue, and, you should *always* set it, or Jira does not work properly. It does not matter if you think you don’t use it, Jira needs it to be used properly.

Where is resolution in Jira?

Select Update issue field, then click add; On “Issue Field”, select Resolution; Select the relevant “Field Value”, then click Add; You’ll need to perform steps 5 to 10 on every transition that leads to the “Done” status!

How do I revert my status in Jira?

How to update the workflow status in Jira: Build your workflow

  1. Create a global transition to the ‘On Hold’ status.
  2. Create a transition from the ‘On Hold’ status to every other status you want to come back to.

What is the difference between status and resolution in Jira?

Statuses represent the position of an issue in its workflow. A status can be mapped to one workflow step. Resolutions are the ways in which an issue can be closed. Read more about the default statuses, resolutions and priorities that come with your Jira products.

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What does unresolved mean in Jira?

When an issue is opened in JIRA, the default is that the Resolution field is empty – the term Unresolved is a system term that means the Resolution field has no value.

How do I delete resolution in Jira?

The value to choose is None.

  1. Go and edit the workflow which you are using for this project.
  2. Click on the Reopen transition.
  3. On the Post Functions tab, click on Add post function.
  4. Choose Update Issue Field.
  5. Select Resolution and value None.
  6. Click Add.
  7. If you edit an active workflow, remember to publish your draft afterward.

How do I edit a workflow in Jira?

How to configure a workflow scheme outside a project

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. In the Workflows section, click Workflow schemes.
  3. Click the Edit link for the desired workflow.
  4. Edit your workflow scheme, as described in the table below.
  5. If your workflow is active, you need to publish it to make your changes active.

What is resolved status in Jira?

Resolved means that the issue has been worked on, closed and a resolution determined. An issue is Open if its Resolution field has not been set.

How do I change the default resolution in Jira?

Go to cog item -> Issues -> Resolution and choose the default value.